Tanzania's Most Toxic Troll: How @FordFoundation's USD 65k Grant to Didier Abdallah Mlawa & His Firm Empowered Him to Wage Sustained Campaign of Cyberbullying and Homophobic Attacks.

Ford Foundation’s USD 15,000 grant to Didier Abdallah Mlawa in 2020

And a whooping USD 50,000 grant from same Ford Foundation to Kigogo in this year.

And the result? A prolonged campaign of homophobic attacks and cyberbullying, as evidenced by below tweets.

These are just some of Mlawa’s vicious tweets. The quantity is not as important as the pain each of these tweets caused to innocent people.

While Ford Foundation’s intentions were good, their grants to Mlawa aka Kigogo empowered him to unleash torrents of abuse never witnessed in Tanzania before. It is therefore imperative that Ford Foundation offer at least a statement to distance themselves with Mlawa’s utterly unacceptable conduct online, and demand their funds back from him, if possible.